The newest addition to CFM website, this section is About the music series and the community. Look for future updates including a complete CFM performer history.

Some Common Questions:

What is Common Fence Point?

Common Fence Point (CFM) is a narrow section of land on the northern tip of Aquidneck Island, jutting out into Mount Hope Bay. At one time this section of land was fenced off from the main land and used a common grazing area for community livestock. Hence, the name "common fence point."

What is the Common Fence Point Improvement Association?

The Common Fence Point Improvement Association (CFPIA), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed to protect and maintain property and buildings held in trust including beaches, right of ways, playgrounds, and salt marshes. This includes the community hall.

What is Common Fence Music?

Common Fence Music (CFM), a separate non-profit organization, presents music that is rooted in American and world traditions, styles and history to entertain and enlighten the people of Rhode Island and Southern New England and build bridges in our community. CFM has been presenting concerts in the community hall (and occasionally other venues) since 1993.

Who owns the CFP Community Hall?

The community hall is owned by the CFPIA and leased by CFM on concert days. In response to The Station nightclub fire in February 2003, the state issued new fire codes. The volunteers at the CFPIA are working to comply with the new code which requires installing a fire alarm system and a sprinkler system.


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